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[TUTORIAL] How to Support B.A.P’s Japanese Debut


1.) Buy the “Warrior” Single

Physical single & Oricon Chart: This is Japan’s major music chart, and the first week of sales is THE most important for getting an album/single to number 1. International fans can buy the “Warrior” single from these stores, pre-order from them now if you haven’t yet!

Digital single & iTunes Japan: Japan has many music download sites but mostly for Japanese mobile users that record their own digital sales. International fans can purchase digital copies of “Warrior” from iTunes.

** Tutorial on how to change your store to iTunes store & How to buy “Warrior” from the Japan iTunes Store.

Digital Single/Ringtones & Dwango: for mobile users in Japan, you can download B.A.P songs and ringtones from You will have to make an account with the site which will charge you a fee each month, depending on how many “point” you want for music purchases a month.

** Tutorial on how to sign up and download from

2.) Request B.A.P on Japanese TV Shows

** Tutorial for requesting B.A.P on Japanese TV Shows

Jongup said his goal for their Japan debut was to appear on variety shows! Let’s make it happen BABYs! B.A.P will and already has appeared on Japanese K-pop shows/channels, but we want them on shows that appeal to larger audiences so they can get more more fans! 

Here are some shows and how to send your request for them to invite B.A.P, we will add more shows in the future, but for now Baby can focus on this short list.

How to Request B.A.P 

1.) Submit the request form on their homepage

TV shows usually have a “Guest Request” or “Feedback” form where viewers can ask the program to have a certain guest on their show. Each show has it’s own tutorial below for the request forms, you can copy and paste the Japanese text below, which introduces and asks the show to have B.A.P as guests.


2.) Tweet the show

You can also tweet these shows. Copy and paste the Japanese text below and tweet it to the shows’ twitter. See our list on twitter to easily send it to all the shows listed!


The list below is of shows most Japanese have access to, the goal here is to expose as many new fans to B.A.P as possible!

Music Programs

Variety (Morning / Afternoon / Evening)

3.) Watch Japanese “Warrior” PV on YouTube

Keep watching the PV! If you want to increase the views even more, please follow this guide:

  • Make sure you are logged into your YouTube account!
  • Search for “Warrior” PV
  • Click on the Official Video by TS ENT
  • Subscribe, watch, like, comment, share. Make and use several YouTube accounts to do this if you can!
  • You must watch the whole video (no pause/forward) and the volume needs to be above 50% on the YouTube player
  • Don’t REFRESH the page or press REPLAY button: You must REPEAT the above steps and search the MV again for each view to count.    
  • You must clean history after 10 plays and delete cookies every 60 minutes (ALL TIME history/cookies, not just the ones for the past hour!).

4.) Join the Official BABY JAPAN Fanclub

If you are in Japan or know someone in Japan, you can use this tutorial to sign up for BABY JAPAN! After all the fees, it’s about 6,200 Yen to sign up, but members get access to Fanclub concert ticket-pre-sale lotteries, special member goods, access to the fanclub members homepage, and more!

5.) Like, Favorite, and Share official B.A.P Japan Content


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